[OLSR-users] details regarding NAT, internet connectivity and tunneling

Magesh mannar (spam-protected)
Mon Sep 19 17:34:52 CEST 2005

Iam using olsrd and all my nodes use global IPv6 address. I connect my olsrd adhoc nodes to the internet. I find that the packets originating from the ad-hoc nodes are able to reach the correspondent node on the internet (i.e. the packets originating from the ad-hoc nodes are able to pass thru the gateway and reach the correspondent node on the internet). But the packets orignating from the correspondent node are unable to reach the nodes in the ad-hoc fringe.
I went through the mailing list and found that i need to use NAT if i need to connect the ad-hoc nodes to the internet (i.e. if i need to route the packets to and fro the adhoc fringe and the internet) 
My questions are
1) Do i need to implement NAT even if use global IPv6 address?. If so, can anyone please let me know the set of commands (possibly ip6tables commands) to create a NAT both in the gateway and in the ad-hoc nodes running olsrd
2) My nodes in the ad-hoc fringe sometimes change their gateway (ie. the point  of attachment to the internet). One of the mail in the mailing list (http://www.olsr.org/pipermail/olsr-users/2005-February/000565.html) suggest for creating a gateway tunneling. Can any one please explian me in detail how to establish gateway tunnel like the tunnel endpoints etc. Has anyone succeeded in the integration od olsr and openvpn
Eagerly waiting for reply

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