[OLSR-users] high traffic under OLSR wireless network corrupt routing tables

Marc Quinton (spam-protected)
Mon Sep 19 15:05:30 CEST 2005


I am using OLSR with Openwrt under Linksys WRT54G routers. My network
works fine.
There is 16 nodes actualy. We are planning to extends this network in
the few months.

We are using OLSR 0.49 and a reasonably recent Openwrt kernel. I use default
configuration and USE_HYSTERESIS.

I think there is a probleme where we are using our meshed network for
large downloads.
Bandwidth is limited to 2Mb/s on each nodes to increase sensivity. On
a given node
that has a good link with mine, when I try to download more than 1Mb, there is
a probleme. Download do not terminate. This problem does not occures when 
I stop OLSR and create pure static route to my local AP.

So I think OLSR traffic can't be received when other traffic is to
hight. So we need to
make traffic shaping with linux kernel modules :

 * iptables + TC (I've started to read some complex documentation
 * iptables + MANGLE ?
 * wonder shaper ?
 * any other ?

I would be very very happy I anyone could help me in configuring traffic shaping
with a high priority, low latency for OLSR protocole (udp). May be we could
get some higher priorities for DNS request to ?

I've found this quick guide in french :



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