[OLSR-users] recovery from broken link

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Wed Nov 30 16:10:45 CET 2005

Hi Thomas,

Yes, you described exactly what happened when I used olsrd-0.4.8 with LQ 
level 2. I will test 0.4.9 and let you know the result. tyhanks.

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>> I just tested with LQ level 0. It worked, and I can see the quick change
>> of topology, without affecting other nodes. Thank you for your solution.
> [...]
> Erm - no! I beg to differ! :-) The whole thing is also supposed to work
> with LQ level 2. So, you might have discovered a bug, which I'd love to 
> fix.
> For this, let me quickly make sure that I fully understand your problem.
> Your network consists of a couple of nodes. You switch off one node and,
> after the node is switched off, olsrd ceases to work on all remaining
> nodes. Bizarre. Could you try to reproduce this with the latest version
> from CVS? 0.4.8 had some substantial problems in the link quality code.
> Thanks
> -Thomas
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