[OLSR-users] win32: routing table update fails (sometimes)

Wolfgang 'Dreamguard' Nagele (spam-protected)
Sat May 28 12:53:24 CEST 2005


> Thanks for reporting this.
no problem.

>>From the log file it seems that you have been seeing the OLSR packets sent
> by your neighbour nodes (LQ is 1.0, LQ = Link Quality = the link quality
> measured on your node) but that your neighbour nodes haven't seen your
> OLSR packets (NLQ is 0.0, NLQ = Neighbour Link Quality = the link quality
> measured by a neighbour).
hmm. the strange thing is that it just happend sometimes. no fixed times 
between the problem, or so. but okay that gives me at least a little 
hint, maybe there was a misconfig on one of the linksys'es because 
others had problems with them too.

> So, if this happens for the next time, it would be interesting to ping
> your neighbours and see whether pinging them works. Moreover, it would
> probably make sense to create a packet dump on the neighbour nodes to see
> whether your node transmits any OLSR packets.
i tried to ping them, and you're right. there have been problems (-> no 
ping) in case if there were no routes.

> I am afraid that we unfortunately cannot investigate this further without
> reproducing the problem. :-(
hope it was a one time failure. ;)


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