[OLSR-users] "route" command freezes for a while...

Nikolaos Tsarmpopoulos (spam-protected)
Sat May 28 00:19:42 CEST 2005

Dear users,

We are using olsrd v0.4.9 with LQ extensions on a testbed of Linksys
WRT54GS routers running OpenWRT (http://vmesh.inf.uth.gr/) and we have
found that this version leads to a far more stable network when compared
to the previous one.

While experimenting with the new OpenWRT firmware, we found that after
we run olsrd, the command "route" delays almost a minute before it
prints out the routing table entries. Interestingly, by restarting olsrd
a few times and executing "route" in a loop, we found that initially
"route" prints out the routing table instantly, then suddenly changes
behaviour and it hangs for a minute before the results show up. I'm not
sure if this is an olsrd or Linux kernel issue.

We have crosscompiled olsrd from source (date: 27/05/2005 02:48). We are
also using the latest OpenWRT version, with Linux kernel version 2.4.30.

I have not been able to locate the source of this problem yet. In case
someone else has got a clue, please let us know.

Best regards,


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