[OLSR-users] Assertion `metric_counter' failed (IPV4)

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Thu May 19 10:49:00 CEST 2005

That's interesting info.
Do you have the oppertunity to build a special software for one of your
nodes and reproduce the problem? I have attached a patch that writes
some info we could use in debugging this problem to stdout. This means
that you can run olsrd with debuglevel 0(and the -nofork option) and
only the new debug output will occur.

- Andreas

Philippe Vanhaesendonck wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> As follow-up to my initial message, I have observed that OLSR has not
> crashed  since one of its neibghbour is not changing its IP anymore...
> The uptime is now 40 hours, while it was crashing every couple of hours in
> the past.
> So this tends to confirm we have an issue when a node changes its IP (V4).
> Unfortunately that node cannot cope with the load in debug mode, so I
> cannot trace the problem further.
> --
> Phil.
> Philippe Vanhaesendonck said:
>>This drives me crazy...
>>On that particular node, when I run OLSR in Debug mode, all the links
>>end up in having an NLQ and ETX of 0.0, so nothing in the routing tables
>>and of course the assertion never comes...
>>(see extract of output below)
>>Maybe the hardware is just too slow when we are in debug mode: I have
>>another AP of the same type, and:
>>    * non debug: works ok
>>    * debug and a few nodes accessible: works ok
>>    * debug and all 25 nodes accessible: NLQ & ETX drop down to 0 and
>>      routes are lost
>>All that to say I can't reproduce the problem in debug mode...
>>... but I have discovered that one of the neighbour has indeed spurious
>>changes of IP!
>>I will fix that and see if it changes something.
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Andreas T√łnnesen
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