[OLSR-users] Assertion `metric_counter' failed (IPV4)

Philippe Vanhaesendonck (spam-protected)
Thu May 19 09:25:40 CEST 2005

Hello everybody,

As follow-up to my initial message, I have observed that OLSR has not
crashed  since one of its neibghbour is not changing its IP anymore...
The uptime is now 40 hours, while it was crashing every couple of hours in
the past.

So this tends to confirm we have an issue when a node changes its IP (V4).
Unfortunately that node cannot cope with the load in debug mode, so I
cannot trace the problem further.


Philippe Vanhaesendonck said:
> Mmmmm...
> This drives me crazy...
> On that particular node, when I run OLSR in Debug mode, all the links
> end up in having an NLQ and ETX of 0.0, so nothing in the routing tables
> and of course the assertion never comes...
> (see extract of output below)
> Maybe the hardware is just too slow when we are in debug mode: I have
> another AP of the same type, and:
>     * non debug: works ok
>     * debug and a few nodes accessible: works ok
>     * debug and all 25 nodes accessible: NLQ & ETX drop down to 0 and
>       routes are lost
> All that to say I can't reproduce the problem in debug mode...
> ... but I have discovered that one of the neighbour has indeed spurious
> changes of IP!
> I will fix that and see if it changes something.
> ---
> Phil.


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