[OLSR-users] olsrd+IPv6 problems: Site-local or global addresses, no routes set

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Mon Mar 28 20:17:06 CEST 2005

Hi Tobias,

There was a bug in the multicast address configuration for IPv6
in 0.4.8. It is fixed and will be included in 0.4.9. You could try current
CVS to verify that this fixes your problem.
Regarding route propagation you have to use HNA messages to inject
non-olsr routes into the network. However, a plugin can for example
provide dynamic HNA routes(check out the dyn_gw plugin), and a plugin
could be created to inject routes based on other properties.

Hope this helps :-)

- Andreas

Tobias Hof wrote:

>I just compiled the olsr daemon and I am trying to get it work on my IPv6
>At the beginning, I have the following setup:
>- 2 PCs, directly connected to each other
>- each PC has two interfaces, i.e. one is connected to the other PC, one is
>not connected for the moment (I will add more PC if I'll get this work...)
>- Each interface has a link-local and a global address (NO site-local
>addresses)- I set IpVersion to 6 and Ip6AddrType to global
>I have the following problems when I try to run olsrd in an IPv6 network:
>If I set the Ip6AddrType to global, olsrd should automatically set the
>multicast address to ff0e::1, shouldn't it? However, with Ethereal I see
>that the OLSR packets are sent to the site-local multicast address. Does
>this mean that the addresses are not recognized as being global...?
>I don't think it will help a lot to cheat and set the site-local multicast
>address to ffe0::1.....
>The even more annoying problem is that there is no route at all that is
>added to my IPv6 routing table...
>I see a plenty of messages of the kind "Wrong interface for..." However, I
>read in this mailing list that is only a warning, not an error message. If I
>run the daemon on the same network in IPv4, I get the same warnings, but it
>is working fine... (Routes are exchanged and I can ping all four interfaces)
>Is there any setting I missed in the general network preferences? 
>I searched for hints on the net and on this list, but I have not found any
>help yet...
>I'm quite familiar with IPv6, not so, however, with OLSR. So I hope you can
>help me and forgive if this is a absolute newbie problem that can be solved
>Best regards,
>P.S. By the way, is there a possiblity to propagate simply the whole routing
>table with oslrd, for example, if a run another routing protocol on a
>non-OLSR interface? Instead of using the static HNA definitions, I mean.

Andreas T√łnnesen

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