[OLSR-users] olsrd+IPv6 problems: Site-local or global addresses, no routes set

Tobias Hof (spam-protected)
Wed Mar 23 17:07:36 CET 2005


I just compiled the olsr daemon and I am trying to get it work on my IPv6

At the beginning, I have the following setup:
- 2 PCs, directly connected to each other
- each PC has two interfaces, i.e. one is connected to the other PC, one is
not connected for the moment (I will add more PC if I'll get this work...)
- Each interface has a link-local and a global address (NO site-local
addresses)- I set IpVersion to 6 and Ip6AddrType to global

I have the following problems when I try to run olsrd in an IPv6 network:
If I set the Ip6AddrType to global, olsrd should automatically set the
multicast address to ff0e::1, shouldn't it? However, with Ethereal I see
that the OLSR packets are sent to the site-local multicast address. Does
this mean that the addresses are not recognized as being global...?
I don't think it will help a lot to cheat and set the site-local multicast
address to ffe0::1.....

The even more annoying problem is that there is no route at all that is
added to my IPv6 routing table...

I see a plenty of messages of the kind "Wrong interface for..." However, I
read in this mailing list that is only a warning, not an error message. If I
run the daemon on the same network in IPv4, I get the same warnings, but it
is working fine... (Routes are exchanged and I can ping all four interfaces)

Is there any setting I missed in the general network preferences? 

I searched for hints on the net and on this list, but I have not found any
help yet...
I'm quite familiar with IPv6, not so, however, with OLSR. So I hope you can
help me and forgive if this is a absolute newbie problem that can be solved

Best regards,

P.S. By the way, is there a possiblity to propagate simply the whole routing
table with oslrd, for example, if a run another routing protocol on a
non-OLSR interface? Instead of using the static HNA definitions, I mean.

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