[OLSR-users] Automatic HNA routes

aaron (spam-protected)
Wed Mar 23 20:07:01 CET 2005

dyn_gw does most of what you want.


On Wed, Mar 23, 2005 at 08:05:03PM +0100, Damjan wrote:
> I have an OLSR node with two interfaces. Only onw of them is used for 
> OLSR, on the other interface there's a normal LAN.
> Is there a feature or a plugin in OLSR that will anounce the LAN network
> address to OLSR cloud? 
> I know I can use the 'Hna4 {}' option in the config file to set this,
> but I'm interested if there's a plugin that will automatically read the
> network address from the other interface (and maybe, as an added bonus,
> it could generate the HNA route only if there's a cable plugged in the
> LAN interface).
> How hard is to write such a plugin if there's is no available.
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