[OLSR-users] OLSRd and sun SPARC platforms

Jon Andersson (spam-protected)
Wed Mar 16 12:44:07 CET 2005


You didn't specify the SPARC type, but be aware that (at least) one plugin
(security) is incompatible between 32 and 64bit architechtures.

There does not seem to be any such issues related to the "main" OLSRD.

Good luck!


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>As long as it runs Linux and has all common libraries it should be no
>problem compiling olsrd on SPARC IMO. Just give it a shot :)
>- Andreas
>> Hello,
>> I would like to do some tests with olsrd and I have some PC (x86) and
>> some SUN stations. I wouls like to use GNU/Debian on both platforms.
>> I know that olsrd is known to run on x86, ARM, MIPS and PPC platforms.
>> But what about SPARC ? I don't think there is something for SPARC
>> plaforms ?
>> Is it hard to compile ? Is it possible ? I have never used some Sun
>> stations but I have not enough X86 here so I have to use it.
>> thanks for your answer.
>> Best Regards,
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