[OLSR-users] OLSRd and sun SPARC platforms

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Wed Mar 16 12:07:22 CET 2005


As long as it runs Linux and has all common libraries it should be no
problem compiling olsrd on SPARC IMO. Just give it a shot :)

- Andreas

> Hello,
> I would like to do some tests with olsrd and I have some PC (x86) and
> some SUN stations. I wouls like to use GNU/Debian on both platforms.
> I know that olsrd is known to run on x86, ARM, MIPS and PPC platforms.
> But what about SPARC ? I don't think there is something for SPARC
> plaforms ?
> Is it hard to compile ? Is it possible ? I have never used some Sun
> stations but I have not enough X86 here so I have to use it.
> thanks for your answer.
> Best Regards,
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Andreas T√łnnesen

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