[OLSR-users] routing issues

Andrew Hodel (spam-protected)
Wed Mar 16 05:40:55 CET 2005


I am having problems with HNA routing out of the MANET.  I can ping 
everywhere within the olsr network, and HNA msgs are received correctly 
between the nodes.  My network topology is as follows:

HNA OLSR NODE 1 ( eth0 | wlan0)
OLSR NODE 2 (         OLSR NODE 3 

I can ping each nodes 10.0.0.x address from any node, and I can ping 
node 1's gateway side ip ( from any node.  I can also ping 
the network from node 1, along with the internet via the 
NAT router.  The problem comes in when I try to ping any address beyond 
node 1's side, and as a result, the internet.

Every node on the MANET has the correct routing entries, i.e to go to, it seems (node 1) is just not 
routing it correctly.

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this problem, help would be 
appreciated.  This has been frustrating me for a while so I decided to 
ask on the list.  FYI, these are soekris 4526 boards w/ pebble linux, 
olsr 0.4.8

Thank You,
Andrew Hodel

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