[OLSR-users] Problem with droptime

Felix Nattermann (spam-protected)
Tue Mar 15 13:11:42 CET 2005

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> Hello Felix
> OLSR is not very fast at detecting/reestablishing broken roads, so maybe
> are you hitting the limits of it ?
10 sec to create a new route in a very simple topology? I hope that it isn't
the limit
> Maybe you could give us more information about your topology and the time
> evolution of it in order
> to check if the timeouts fell inside "theorical" ranges


There are only 3 Nodes (A, B and C). First there is a direct link from A to

A ----- C                    and everythinks goes right.
  \       /
   \    /

After 5 seconds I change the topology (with iptables) to:

A --------- B -------- C            so that there is no direct link between
A and C.

After 5 seconds the topology will change back. But the 5 sec are not enougth
that OLSR can create a new route. So I wait for 10 to 15 sec until the new 
is created. So I change in the config file the hello_interval and the 
tc_intervall but
nothing realy happens.


> Laurent
> Felix Nattermann wrote:
>> Hello
>> I've got a question. I use OLSR 0.4.8 and use it in an ethernet. I
>> emulate a WLAN with iptables over this ethernet. Now I try to use Voice
>> over IP over this MANET. There is one big problem. Changes in the
>> topology of the MANET costs a lot of time until the new route is created.
>> (Up to 15 sec.) I try to change the TC_interval and the Hello_interval,
>> but nothing happens. All pakets are dropped until (after ca. 10 sec) the
>> new route is set.
>> How can I make OLSR 0.4.8 faster, so that there aren't so many
>> paket-drops?
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