[OLSR-users] security plugin update

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Thu Mar 10 21:18:35 CET 2005


I have added source for MD5 calculation to be compiled in with the
security plugin. This makes the plugin independent regarding libraries
and should be a advantage for embedded systems(if anyone is using
this plugin).
The degree of security offered by MD5 can be debated, but I'm not
interested in that ;) openssl can still be used for SHA-1 usage.

To compile using openssl:
If USE_OPENSSL is not used, the local md5 implementation will be
compiled and used.

As usual, this plugin is not very much tested. It will be part of 0.4.9.

(yeah yeah, I know about the recent publicity SHA-1 has received.
It can be argued that both SHA-1 and MD5 should be abandoned in
new security-related implementations... but hey - feel free to
do your own thing with the plugin :-) This update is mainly targeted
at community networks needing a quick and easy way to limit access
using integrity mechanisms)

- Andreas

Andreas T√łnnesen

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