[OLSR-users] Problems with Windows 2k/XP and olsr 0.48

Marco Kramer (spam-protected)
Thu Mar 3 21:39:26 CET 2005

I have a problem with olsr 0.48 and Windows 2k/XP.

The following scenario:
Router 1
o       Windows XP
o       iperf server

Router 2
o       Windows XP
o       iperf Client

Router 3
o       Windows 2000
Data flow between router 1 and route 2. Then between the both router 
comes router 3 and the distance between router 1 and 2 gets so big that 
originates a new route from 1 to 3 an than to 2 (no direct connection 
between router 1 and router 2 only about router 3). So the date flow 
should go about router 3, it does not function. Why?? If a direct 
connection router 1 to router 2, the data are sent. Why the data do not 
get about the new route, i.e. sent about router 3.

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