[OLSR-users] experiences with LinkQualityMult limits

Andreas Petersson (spam-protected)
Tue Mar 1 01:22:38 CET 2005

hallo thomas,

would it be too demanding to ask for floating point vairables? i 
understand that this would introduce three major problems:

1) i think that there would be some problems involved with dijkstras 
algorithm, especially to ensure numerically correct solutions. if an 
edge is weighted at "almost zero" and represented as a floating point 
value, it might eb possible that the path length stays constant, 
although in truth it isn't.

2) it would be also a bit slower, which is beginning to be an issue on 
our wrt54g.

3)wort of all: you would need to change the specification of etx tc 
messages again.

so i think i will just live with it as it is now. i will need to rethink 
the values that my script assigns.


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