[OLSR-users] Getting started with OLSR

Mike McKay (spam-protected)
Mon Jul 25 16:01:19 CEST 2005

Sven-Ola Tuecke wrote:
> Mike,
> the link you mentioned states, that the HNA4 settings is working 
> unexpectedly. Too bad. You do not need this normally. Additionally, the 
> author has not investgated deep enough. He tried to manually change the 
> olsrd.conf - but this file is under control. You need to use the Web UI, 
> theres /etc/local.olsrd.conf and /etc/local.olsrd.conf.[iface] for 
> additions.

Hmm. HNA4 - yeah I was a bit confused about this one - see below...

> If thats all you needed to read for mesh setup, I will call it a great 
> success :)

Yeah, I would definitely call it a success. Of course I am far from 
understanding it all - but that is where great default settings help 
thos like me. Thanks!

> Anyhow, people tend to fiddle with HNA4 setting and manual routes too 
> much. Note: The Freifunk Firmware does not allow you to configure an 
> unworking/blocked standard gateway aka. Default Route. If you have a 
> working manual defroute (with Metric==0), the "internet here" 
> anncouncement is switched on automatically with a simple 
> dyn-gateway-plugin. If your defroute is not working, it's placed in a 
> second background routing table - so the cron job can check if inet is 
> coming back and reannounce HNA4.
> If you plan to include other link techniques: That's easy. Just plug in 
> the ethernet wire of the link technique and assign a mesh-compatible IP. 
> Which link technique? Does not matter (e.g. ethernet as well as 
> http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1149.html should work) as long as the OLSR 
> broadcast datagram goes through).

At the moment I want every client connected via either the ethernet 
interface or via the wireless interface to be able to ping one another. 
It sounds like I should take out my HNA4 settings completely - is that 

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