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Sat Jul 23 14:11:56 CEST 2005

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Subject: [wlanfhain] WVC54G - Neue Firmware
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 11:13:25 +0200
From: Sven-Ola Tuecke <(spam-protected)>
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Hey everybody,

theres a new version of the OLSR firmware for the Linksys WVC54G Web Camera
Device ready. Using this FW in a OLSR based Ad-Hoc mesh is relatively easy:
Just flash the firmware bin file with the Web UI (load from
http://styx.commando.de/sven-ola/WVC54G-FW-With-OLSR.zip) and adapt the
wireless params of the camera to your local mesh settings. Please note: 
software comes without any warranty and may crash your camera too.

In case something is really wrong or bad I also wote a small Camera-Flash
utility for emergency rescue (Souce is here:
http://styx.commando.de/sven-ola/flashwvc-0.1.tgz). I wrote this utility,
because during devel I once crashed my device badly and there is no TFTP
rescue possible with the WVC54G...

OK - heres the readme for more info. Have fun! Sven-Ola

--- readme.txt ---

This is a hacked version of the original Linksys
Firmware for the WVC54G Wireless-G Web Cam. Features:

- Added OLSR daemon for meshing
- Change Web-UI "Home" Link
- Added some wireless settings (Rts, Frag, TxPwr)


- Added olsr stability cron job. Because there is no
   awk in the FW, a simple reboot is done if olsrd
   dies or if the Ad-Hoc channel toggles to a channel
   different to the channel setting of web UI.

- Changed the default olsrd parameters to lower CPU
   percentage (will slow routing change propagation too)

- Added ether setup: If you start camera with unplugged
   etherwire, the WLAN iface comes up. Normally, the eth
   iface is not active if you plug in the etherwire now.
   This change allows you to contact via
   eth. To configue another IP, add "lan_ip_addr=",
   "lan_netmask" and "lan_broadcast" to /etc/system.conf.
   To make changes permanent, change any value on the
   web ui - then revert to old web ui setting.

- Added web admin user with web admin password for telnet
   login. The root telnet login is diabled. If you change
   to web admin user to the name "root", no telnet is
   possible. Added "crypt" command for this.

- Added "lan_olsr=" setting to /etc/system.conf. This will
   add the ether iface to /etc/olsrd.conf. But: If the
   camera restarts with attached etherwire, the WLAN iface
   will not come up. Only cable plug is necessary, no link
   detection on eth occur. Sorry, no sourcecode for the
   criticla /etc/rc.network program.
   This means: It is not possible in the moment to use the
   WVC as OLSR-Gateway with 2 interfaces (since you have to
   plug out the etherwire manually during restart and restart
   will happen once a day/week if something is wrong).
   WLAN-only node in OLSR-Mesh will work of course.

- Added wl_rts=, wl_frag= and wl_txpwr= in /etc/system.conf
   Added user_rc= also (you may add shell commands executed
   during startup here).

- Changed kernel config to include /proc/sys (to enable
   ip forwarding for expample). Linksys orig comes without.

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