[OLSR-users] Kernel Requirements on subnet/HNA routing

Xia Yang (spam-protected)
Fri Jul 22 07:59:08 CEST 2005

Hi All,

I have been trying to make the subnet routing work. During my tests, I found
with different kernel configuration, the subnet routing may work or may not

In the beginning I used Fedora core 2 as my platform for testing OLSR, but I
tried for 1 month, the subnet routing still not working. Then later I change
it to Ubuntu 5.04, it works without any problem. 

After it works, I tried to compile the Mobile IPv6 support to the kernel, so
I download the kernel from kernel.org and patched it, then compile
and reboot. Surprisingly, I found the subnet routing not working any more.

Hence, I doubts if the subnet routing of OLSR depends on any feature/option
of the kernel used. 

Any idea?

Thanks a lot.


Xia Yang

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