[OLSR-users] Report : OLSR 0.4.9 from CVS and httpinfo plugin

Aldert J.B.P. Hazenberg (spam-protected)
Fri Feb 25 12:52:03 CET 2005


I just made a blog entry on OLSR and the httpinfo plugin for my
local wireless community in Amsterdam and maybe there are people
here who would like to read it as well :


Of course I (we) are waiting for OLSR 0.4.9 to be released
(-when it is ready-) but thanks to John who compiled a CVS snapshot
for mips I already have it up and running for the time being. :)

I did not encounter any problems yet mixing an OLSR network with ETX
mode and 0.4.8 on a soekris, 0.4.9CVS on WRT54G and WL-500G, Windows
XP with 0.4.8 and an OSX iBook with 0.4.8.


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