[OLSR-users] internet gateway (ip forward?) problem

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Tue Feb 22 14:27:51 CET 2005


Since you are not using NAT in your GW you must make sure the GW will
route correctly. Having two interfaces on the same subnet is really asking
for trouble when you are going to act as a router(well, really in any
situation) :) In this case the GW will probably route traffic out the
interface with the first entry in your routing table, so if the GW node
has:   eth0   wlan1
there is a large chance all traffic destined for will be
routed via eth0. This does not go for olsrd control-traffic since this
traffic is using fixed routing(bound to interfaces).
So for this to work you should IMO either set up NAT *ugh* or set up
subnets of the network on your two interfaces on the GW.

- Andreas

> hi there,
> I am running a pc with two wlan cards, one of wich is connected to the
> internet trough a base station (on channel 1). the other card is
> connected to a second laptop trough an adhoc network running on a
> different channel (11). The two computers can see each other, but I
> have trouble sharing that internet connection with the ad-hoc network.
> I have tried using the dynamic gateway pluggin (and it seems to work,
> it is reporting a internet connection), and also the static internet
> sharing, but no matter what i try the laptop that only has one wlan
> card, can not see any non-olsr machine. it can however see any machine
> running olsrd.
> how can i enable it to "ping" a pc not running olsrd.
> PS: both my ad-hoc network and my wired/base station hosts are running
> on the same network ( is that a problem? do they need to
> be on different networks for the routing to work?
> hope you can give me some hints, maybe "explain like i am a six year
> old" how to share an internet connection with olsrd.
> I am running the 0.4.8 version, on a mandrake linux 10.1
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