[OLSR-users] internet gateway (ip forward?) problem

Sverre Rakkenes (spam-protected)
Tue Feb 22 10:31:29 CET 2005

hi there,

I am running a pc with two wlan cards, one of wich is connected to the
internet trough a base station (on channel 1). the other card is
connected to a second laptop trough an adhoc network running on a
different channel (11). The two computers can see each other, but I
have trouble sharing that internet connection with the ad-hoc network.
I have tried using the dynamic gateway pluggin (and it seems to work,
it is reporting a internet connection), and also the static internet
sharing, but no matter what i try the laptop that only has one wlan
card, can not see any non-olsr machine. it can however see any machine
running olsrd.

how can i enable it to "ping" a pc not running olsrd.

PS: both my ad-hoc network and my wired/base station hosts are running
on the same network ( is that a problem? do they need to
be on different networks for the routing to work?

hope you can give me some hints, maybe "explain like i am a six year
old" how to share an internet connection with olsrd.

I am running the 0.4.8 version, on a mandrake linux 10.1 


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