[OLSR-users] does there exists any IPv6 address auto-conf plugin orsoftware

aaron (spam-protected)
Fri Feb 11 21:46:57 CET 2005

I disagree with that.
There are enough /64 ipv6 addr for every square meter on this planet.
So as far as I can recall, everyone should have "his" or "her" /64 net.
Hence: 128-64 = 64 > 48

so for me the recipe would be:
1) get a /64 prefix from my provider
2) share the /64 with the whole MANET
3) agree on a common prefix of 64-48 = 16 bits
4) just copy the 48 bits MAC into the remaining parts.

so no radvd needed in this case.

On Feb 11, 2005, at 9:08 PM, Jens Nachtigall wrote:

> hi,
>> a mac addr fits into the 128 bit IPv6 addr space
>> :)
> Yepp, but that only tell you the host part (the last 64bits of the IPv6
> addr), where does one automatically get the net part from (the 64bit
> prefix). Usually this comes from a radvd server, which in the end means
> that the autoconfiguration mechanism provided by IPv6 is imho not much
> better than the ipv4+dhcp mechanism in the case of manets.
> Of course, one could have a special script, that just takes any
> well-known net prefix, as frank sugested. But where do you get that
> from if your iface is not configured yet to  fetch that script from the
> internet? (same problem as with the hen and egg, what was there
> first ;)
> so i'd say there is still some way to go for real auto-configuration.
> kind regards,
> jens
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