[OLSR-users] Current CVS in IPKG

John Gorkos (spam-protected)
Wed Feb 9 00:00:01 CET 2005

It almost looks browser specific.  Konqueror just hangs forever, Mozilla 
immediately returns "Document contains no data" and Links gives it to me 
correctly.  Internet Exploder (running under linux, go figure) also seems to 
yak with a weird error screen, but that might just be IE.

It looks like a problem with the http headers, to be honest.  I've got a 
killer headache right now (all day pounding java code), but I'll look at it 
later this evening.

John Gorkos

On Tuesday 08 February 2005 04:02 pm, Andreas T√łnnesen wrote:
> Hi John,
> It's cool to see that the cvs version receives field testing :) We hope
> to have 0.4.9 ready soon - bugreports are always velcome!
> Regarding the httpinfo issue I take it you are not using a port that is
> already in use or that is blocked it your firewall? Could you send some
> debug output of the plugin load section(at olsrd startup) and from
> passing a request to the http server?
> - Andreas
> John Gorkos wrote:
> > Gang-
> >   If you're into bleeding edge, I've got the MIPs (WRT-54G) ipkg of
> > today's CVS up at
> > http://www.wildcatwireless.net/wrt54g/olsrd_0.4.9-cvs-wrt1_mipsel.ipk
> > Let me know if you find any bugs.  Actually, I can't get the httpinfo
> > interface to even come up, so let me know if you can find the reason why.
> >
> > BTW, it seems to work, as it is the current running version on one of my
> > two primary gateways in my commercial mesh.  So much for not using beta
> > software in production...
> >
> > John Gorkos
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