[OLSR-users] Current CVS in IPKG

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Tue Feb 8 23:02:21 CET 2005

Hi John,

It's cool to see that the cvs version receives field testing :) We hope
to have 0.4.9 ready soon - bugreports are always velcome!
Regarding the httpinfo issue I take it you are not using a port that is
already in use or that is blocked it your firewall? Could you send some
debug output of the plugin load section(at olsrd startup) and from
passing a request to the http server?

- Andreas

John Gorkos wrote:
> Gang-
>   If you're into bleeding edge, I've got the MIPs (WRT-54G) ipkg of today's 
> CVS up at 
> http://www.wildcatwireless.net/wrt54g/olsrd_0.4.9-cvs-wrt1_mipsel.ipk
> Let me know if you find any bugs.  Actually, I can't get the httpinfo 
> interface to even come up, so let me know if you can find the reason why.
> BTW, it seems to work, as it is the current running version on one of my two 
> primary gateways in my commercial mesh.  So much for not using beta software 
> in production...
> John Gorkos
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Andreas T√łnnesen

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