[OLSR-users] Free/Net BSD support.

John Clark (spam-protected)
Fri Feb 4 20:04:10 CET 2005

I usually use my NetBSD laptop as my monitor system. I compiled 
olsrd-0.4.8 with appropriate
mods for NetBSD, which consited of essentially adding __NetBSD__ 
whereever __FreeBSD__
was found.

When started, the diagnostic dump does indicate that the nodes on my 
wireless net exist, and
gives indications that it is attempting to set the routes. However, when 
I use 'netstat -r' there
is no indication that the nodes are in the routing tables.

My test setup consists of 4 wireless only nodes, a wireless to copper 
gateway node, and 2
standard 'olsrd' running entities on the copper side. My NetBSD system 
is a third copper
node which is up and down all the time. The other two copper nodes are 
servers and always

The README indicates not much testing has been done with FreeBSD/MacOSX, so,
have others gotten further?

I'll be in Europe for the next week and a half, so unfortunately I'll 
not be able to investigate
further until I return.

John Clark

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