[OLSR-users] 4g Access Cube

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Thu Feb 3 23:42:30 CET 2005

Very interesting, does anyone know of a way to purchase one from the US?


> Hi Andrew
> Access Cube is the hardware that runs the embedded linux "nylon", which
> you can download from meshcube.org.
> Yes, you can change the settings of the cube like any standard linux
> system. It runs a package based distribution which is cross-compiled
> for the MIPS CPU they are using in the cube. You can ssh to the cube
> through LAN or use a terminal app to configure with the serial console.
> olsr is available as olsrd package. It replaces the old meshing
> protocol/deamon, as far as I understand.
> The cubes are a great. You can upgrade the image by tftping the new
> firmware at the prompt of the bootloader.
> Regards,
> Thomas
> On 03.02.2005, at 23:03, (spam-protected) wrote:
>> Does anyone know anything of the 4g Access Cube.  It seems they are
>> located in Hamburg, and there is a distributor in the Netherlands.  Are
>> these devices able to be modified, has anyone successfully built and
>> used
>> OLSR?  Can you purchase them anywhere in the US?
>> Thanks,
>> Andrew Hodel
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