[OLSR-users] New Member with New Questions

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Thu Feb 3 21:58:40 CET 2005

I would like to learn more about OLSR and eventually use it in a
production environment promoting free internet access.

As I understand it, among other routing protocols, OLSR works on top of
your IP link layer, regardless of what it is, with special bindings for
802.11 ad-hoc networks?

My main confusion at this moment is not the characteristics of an ad-hoc
network, nor is it the "mesh" style routing between the networks.  Where I
am confused is the initial setup of each individual nodes.  For the sake
of simplicity, can I just (linux...) start an 802.11 device in ad-hoc mode
with a static address and ssid that is common to the other nodes.  Then
simply configure OLSR and expect it to work?

Other more complicated questions that I look forward to involve multiple
gateways out of the network, dhcp addressing, using multiple radios in one
device to allow full duplex radio transmission, and ipip tunnels back to
unique gateways to solve the problem of mobile traffic loss, due to the
node choosing another gateway based on the number of hops between.

I can understand that these questions have most likely been asked, and
have probably been answered.  Yet, I have had trouble finding
documentation that takes me through each step of the process in setting up
the network, from having a working 802.11 device, to having a working mesh

Does anyone have any tips, or perhaps, is anyone willing to explain how I
can set this up?

I would be willing to setup, and perhaps even host a wiki if others are
willing to contribute>

Thank You,
Andrew Hodel

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