AW: Re: [OLSR-users] OLSR and bluetooth

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Thu Dec 29 01:06:42 CET 2005

[Sorry if my quoting sucks. I'm using a crappy web interface]

>> Yes, but in order to broadcast on the IP interface, you need to 
>> create it, for which you need to have discovered the neighbour.
> Not in general (e.g. not on ethernet and AFAICT not in WLAN world).

I was strictly talking about bluetooth.

>> So, I assume using OLSR with bluetooth is, at the moment, impossible?
>You can't simply configure an network interface on the bluetooth 

Not simply. First I need to know my peer(s). Then I can create a piconet
which uses one interface. (Piconet: 1 bt master and up to 7 slaves, only 
master can broadcast)

I lost all hope of creating a self-repairing, typical ad-hoc network network when I read that if you're a slave in any bt network,
you cannot be discovered by other devices.

Also, scanning for other bluetooth nodes (inquiry scan) can take between 1.2 and 60 seconds ("typical" but implementation dependent: 10s). This
is way too long for my purposes.

So, in the end, I will try some really dirty hacks that work over 
existing bt daemons and will not scale. But at least, they'll work!


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