[OLSR-users] OLSR and bluetooth

Bernd Petrovitsch (spam-protected)
Wed Dec 21 17:40:41 CET 2005

On Wed, 2005-12-21 at 17:31 +0100, Kosta Welke wrote:
> There are currently 2 ways for IP over bluetooth, both work by 
> establishing a (bluetooth) connection between both devices, creating an 
> interface. One is PPP, the other is called Personal Area Network (PAN). 
> The latter is the advised way. PAN is included in the BlueZ Linux Kernel 
> module. If a node creates PAN connections to 3 neighboring nodes, there 
> are 3 PAN interfaces. You have to assign IP addresses to each interface.
> This obviously is not how OLSR works, as
>   - it wants one interface (is this correct?)

Nom, you can have the olsrd run on several eth-Interfaces on one host
(on routers you are forced to this anyway).

>   - node discovery would be done outside of OLSR

"node" as in "host" or as in "all host at one place/LAN/site"?
olsrd broadcasts requests so that is the way of neighbour detection.

The problem is that PPPDs creates Point-To-Point interfaces which cannot
broadcast. And the olsrd needs to broadcast at the moment (if I
understand correct, this is a current implementation restriction and no
one fixed/added it up to now).

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