[OLSR-users] OLSR and bluetooth

Kosta Welke (spam-protected)
Wed Dec 21 17:31:20 CET 2005

Hi all!

I wanted to ask if it is possible to run OLSR over bluetooth. I could 
not find any info about this. Someone asked about it in here, the 
response was that it runs over any IP network. However, this is not 
sufficient for bluetooth, as bluetooth is connection oriented.

There are currently 2 ways for IP over bluetooth, both work by 
establishing a (bluetooth) connection between both devices, creating an 
interface. One is PPP, the other is called Personal Area Network (PAN). 
The latter is the advised way. PAN is included in the BlueZ Linux Kernel 
module. If a node creates PAN connections to 3 neighboring nodes, there 
are 3 PAN interfaces. You have to assign IP addresses to each interface.

This obviously is not how OLSR works, as
  - it wants one interface (is this correct?)
  - node discovery would be done outside of OLSR

A more detailled analysis of the pitfalls of bluetooth is described at 
http://core.it.uu.se/AdHoc/btLUNAR (3.1 Relevant differences from 
earlier implementations"). (Warning: This paper talks about another 
ad-hoc networking protocol, called lunar. This is not meant to be an 

Has there been any work on OLSR and bluetooth?


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