[OLSR-users] Forward traffic on MPR nodes

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Mon Dec 5 13:03:15 CET 2005

Hello, i'm working with 3 Pc (under windows XP) running OLSR with the "default" Link quality conf file. The Pc in the middle acts as MPR. I'm using a traffic generator (MGEN) to direct UDP traffic from one endpoint to the other at the rate of 4Mbps and i use Ethereal to analyze the throughput on PCs. I recive an average throughput of 2.5Mbps at the endpoints. 

  Endpoint1                  MPR                     Endpoint2
    4Mbps     ------>                  ------>         2.5Mbps

The further step has been to generate at the same time traffic from one endpoint and the MPR node to the other endpoint always at the rate of 4Mbps for each Pc. Ethereal shows that only few Kbps of the 4Mbps incoming from the MPR are received while, always the same throughput(2.5Mbps) is captured regarding the incoming traffic from the endpoint.

   Endpoint1                  MPR                   Endpoint2
    4Mbps      -------->               -------->     2.5 Mbps   
                             4Mbps     -------->     few Kbps 

Does it mean that when a node works as relay forwarding other nodes traffic, it's not able to direct its own traffic?!

Is it a "strage" result only becouse i work with 3 pcs or does it always happen at the relay nodes? 

Thanks,   Francesco Floris.

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