[OLSR-users] Size of Networks

Andrew Hodel (spam-protected)
Thu Apr 28 18:26:58 CEST 2005

Wondering about the limits of the size of an olsr network.  Running on 
486 hardware, what can one expect as a limit to the number of nodes in a 
network?  I am in the process of setting up 100 soekris boards across a 
city, and I am having no problems as of yet.  Currently I only have 
about 10 nodes up and running.

I understand that the concept of mpr's can handle many nodes very well, 
I am just trying to see if there is some sort of limit other then radio 
space and the number of hops degrading bandwidth.

For example, on a hypothetical level, if a network were to have 1000 
nodes which were placed out over a large geographical area where each 
node could reach any other node even if it is over a 10-15 hop count 
(fully connected mesh), would the network be viable if you had an hna 
node routing every 3 or 4 hops?


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