[OLSR-users] segmentation fault when there are no neighbors

Robert Frank (spam-protected)
Thu Apr 28 13:53:34 CEST 2005

Hi Thomas
Thanks for yor reply.
1)May i know how can i run olsrd without loading the dot_draw plugin. (i.e how shld i unload the dot_draw plugin)
The reason why i suspect it comes from dot_draw plugin is if i run with -d 0 option, my olsrd is not killed when the neighbors leave. But if i run with -d 9, i get seg fault as soon as all the neighbors leave.
2) I am using FC1 with 2.4.22 kernel and the latest CVS olsrd

Thomas Lopatic <(spam-protected)> wrote:
Hi Robert,

Thanks for reporting this problem. I have two quick first questions.

* As you suspect that the problem is caused by the dot_draw plugin, 
could you run olsrd without the plugin and see whether the problem persists?

* On which plaform are you running olsrd?


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