[OLSR-users] problem when multiple global IPv6 addresses are assigned to a single interface

Robert Frank (spam-protected)
Mon Apr 18 14:56:49 CEST 2005

I am using global IPv6 address for my experiments. My wireless interface (eth1) has two global IPv6 addresses (say 100:200:300:1::1/64 and 2001:300:200:1::1/64). When the olsrd forms the routing table (or while sending hello, tc messages) it uses only one of the IPv6 addresses. This sometimes results in in-correct routing tables and also many a times only the route for one of the IPv6 address is formed in the routing table. To my understanding, the olsr chooses one of the address as the primary IPv6 address and uses that for all its communication. For example if it chooses 100:200::300:1::1/64 as the primary address, the routing table has only the routes of 100:200::/64 but not the 2001:300:: . As a result if my packet uses 2001::300 as the destination adrress, it doesnt not find a route in the routing table and therefore the packet is unable to reach the destination with  2001:300:: . 
Any idea how to make the olsrd use both the address to form the routing table for both the addresses.
- Rob   

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