[OLSR-users] Double radio mesh test

Jeromie Reeves (spam-protected)
Mon Apr 18 03:38:13 CEST 2005

That should work fine. The trick will be to use manual channel selection 
to avoid having the same channel space
on every single unit (IE 1 & 11 on every unit).

1 & 11 ---  1 & 6  --- 6 & 11

That way you force the packets to change radios and help stop self 
There is no problem having units around that also use the same channels, 
just dont
do it network wide.


Henrion Benjamin wrote:

>Very interesting report here:
>You only need 2 radios/node if you don't care about "people with their
>laptops" who access with the 3rd.
>Is it possible to do the same with OLSR? Maybe OLSR running on 2
>different wireless interfaces on 2 different channels (like 1 and 11)?
>Do you think it might be possible?
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