[OLSR-users] Double radio mesh and OLSR

Jim Thompson (spam-protected)
Fri Apr 8 09:59:50 CEST 2005

Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that you will "avoid interference" 
here, since the selectivity of
common 802.11 radios is not high enough to prevent severe ACI.

Now, if you were to move them to different *bands*, then you might have 
something, then again, you might introduce enough hysteresis that things 
really break. 


Henrion Benjamin wrote:

>I want to know if OLSR will choose a route with the best throughput or
>with the least number of hops if I put wireless nodes with 2 radios per
>node and on different channels, communicating together through a pci
>interface, or through a wired interface.
>Examples of a node:
>((( WRT1 <++++> WRT2 )))
>((( is a wlan interface on channel 1
><++++> is a wired interface
>((( is a wlan interface on channel 6
>That way you can create a mesh network using the following channels:
>You will avoid interference and you will not divide your bandwidth/2 at
>each hop (this is the case if you use the same channel on each node).
>The problem is to know which path OLSR will choose (the one with the
>best throughput or the one with the minimum of hops?)
>Do you have any ideas?
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