[OLSR-users] Convincing olsr to select better routes

Michael Bauer (spam-protected)
Thu Sep 30 11:55:28 CEST 2004

hi all,
We got a multi linksys setup on our rooftops, we usually got 2 for
directional links and one for omni. All omnis do belong to a single
ad-hoc network. The link quality over omnis is (naturally) worse than
via directional links, leading to long ping times and packetloss ~20%. 
(i know the omnis are two far, but thats, why there are directional
links. )

Now my question: is there any way we can convince the olsrd to select
the routes via the (more hop, but better quality) directional route,
instead of the omni route (few hops, bad quality)? We set willingness on
the omnis to 1 and on directionals to 7, but that did not help.

we are running olsrd 0.4.4 would it help to upgrade to 0.4.7 and can
0.4.4 and 0.4.7 coexist in a network for some time?

questions questions questions ....

greetings from vienna (nearly all nodes running olsr now)

a place without wlan just doesn't feel like home
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