[OLSR-users] Few Q's about olsrd

Thomas Lopatic (spam-protected)
Thu Sep 2 12:50:48 CEST 2004

Hi Jeromie.

Actually since July 26 there has been more Windows development than ever
before. :-) It's just not officially available, yet. We've been busy
cleaning up the preliminary Windows code and making it an official part
of the main distribution of olsrd. I've updated the website of the
preliminary Windows port to send people directly to olsr.org. Version
0.4.6 will be the first official Windows release and probably be
available within the next few days.

The Windows version works with any network interface, wireless or wired,
it does not need any special hardware.

Well, at the moment it still looks pretty Unixish, i.e. it has to be run
from the command prompt. I'm currently working on an installer and on
making it a service on NT-based operating systems.

Moreover, it lacks some of the features that the Linux version has. Most
notably support for IPv6, which I am also currently working on.

I've had the chance to test and debug the Windows version in a mixed
Linux/Windows network and the two versions seem to get along pretty well.

Although the Windows version looks stable and feedback for the
preliminary port has been encouraging, the Windows version is still not
very widely used and thus not as well-tested and probably not as
reliable as the Linux version.


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