[OLSR-users] More bridge weirdness

John Gorkos (spam-protected)
Sat Nov 13 16:28:09 CET 2004

Jeromie Reeves wrote:

> The bridge is doing proxy arp. That might be causing a issue. Can you 
> replace with a true bridge
> or another WRT for testing?
> Jeromie Reeves
Simply put, no, it's not that easy.  The bridge is located at the top of 
a 50' (16m) tower, which I only have access to on the weekends.  I have 
a few "true bridges", but they are not weatherproof.  Do you think I 
need to put a MAC-cloning bridge in place?  I could check to see if 
smartBridges supports MAC cloning...

John Gorkos

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