[OLSR-users] dis/enabling HNA4 while olsrd is running

Jens Nachtigall (spam-protected)
Mon Nov 1 23:49:10 CET 2004

> This would be a typical plug-in scenario. Actually there is already
> a plugin(dyn_gw) that adds and removed Internet HNA4 announcments
> dynamically based on the existence of a default route(with metric 0).
> You should check it out.

Thanks for the pointer. However, this does not do what I actually want, 
i.e. validating HNA4 values entered by the user (preferably by 

announcable = true

periodically scheduled:
if HNA4_entry announcable 
  if (NOT (IPs in HNA4_entry pingable)) 
    remove HNA4_entry from announcements
  if (IPs in HNA4_entry pingable)
     add HNA4_entry to announcements

Looks fairly straightforward.

1 thing would be needed to ease writing this plugin:
1st: Having the user state which IPs she/he wants to ping from within a 
given HNA4-net. Any ideas on how to do this? Of course, I could asked 
for a plugin's config:
hna4 ip netmask [IP IP ...]
However, this is a bit redundant, since hna4 is already given in the 

Suggestions very welcome,


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