[OLSR-users] Ad-Hoc Mode and Channel

John Gorkos (spam-protected)
Sat May 22 01:37:13 CEST 2004

That's odd.  I notice the same issue in my network.  I'm using a slew of
WRT54G routers and a smartBridges airBridge Outdoor.  I've had to be very
careful about what order I power up the network devices in:  if I power up
the airBridge first, and then bring the WRTs on line, everything stays where
I put it (on channel 6).  If I bring up the WRTs first, they meander around
the channels until they find one they like, and camp on it.  Very odd. The
really frustrating part is that if the WRTs come up on, say, channel 11 and
then the airBridge comes up on channel 6, the  WRTs will never see the
airBridge, and never find the gateway off the network.  This has caused me
quite a bit of concern, and I don't know the answer, either.  What type of
equipment are you seeing this problem on?

John Gorkos

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Subject: [OLSR-users] Ad-Hoc Mode and Channel

> Hello olsr users,
> I know this is a little off-topic but I think it's a problem that all
> wireless user in ad-hoc mode can get.
> Here in Brussels (Belgium) we run a Wireless network on the top of the
> using olsr.  This network is in ad-hoc mode.  Normally the card are set to
> channel 1 (we just migrate form channel 10), but when a box (we use
> with bering-uclibc)starts the channel switch to another (6 or 10 or
> or stay in channel 1.
> Is this because other poeple are using this channel and the card switch to
> this one ?  Normally in ad-hoc mode, the channel is hardcoded in the
> file for the card.
> I don't have any explanation for this problem, execpt this one, in ad-hoc
> mode, if a card "see" another channel a power up, the card switch directly
> to this channel ?
> Does somebody has another idea or solution to avoid channel switching or
> does somebody knows why the card switch to another channel ?
> Many thanks
> Regards
> Gilles
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