[OLSR-users] Wired Ethernet really isn't

John Gorkos (spam-protected)
Wed May 5 06:50:26 CEST 2004

  I've got a wired ethernet card plugged directly into a wireless bridge in 
ad-hoc mode, meaning I want olsrd to treat it as a wireless interface, but 
since there are no wireless extensions on the interface, olsrd treats it as a 
wired interface.  The end result is that remote stations in the mesh never 
see the wireless bridge/router as a link partner, even though it is.  Of 
course, the wireless bridge/router combo sees all the other nodes in the 
network immediately.
  Very occassionally the router/bridge will get seen by remote nodes, but the 
HELLO will almost immediately timeout and they'll lose interest in the bridge 
as a link partner.

The question is, how do I fake the funk in the olsrd.conf to convince olsrd to 
treat eth1 (in this case) as a wireless interface instead of a wired 

John Gorkos

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