[OLSR-users] Default routing question

Andreas Tønnesen (spam-protected)
Sat Mar 27 08:35:05 CET 2004

John Gorkos wrote:
> On Saturday 27 March 2004 00:47, Andreas Tønnesen wrote:
>>Well - you should time olsrd to start after all initialization. But then
>>again - such a plugin would regulary poll for a default route so if it
>>is not set up at startup it would be discovered at the next poll. So if
>>one polls every 10 seconds it would be discovered 10 seconds later - you
>>could probably accept that?
> I agree with the timing, but in an embedded device, the consumer is going to 
> want it to work as soon as it's plugged in.  they have no concept of boot 
> wait, or initialization, or race conditions.  We know better, but that's 
> reality.  A polling plugin that would detect when an external process has 
> added a default route would be fantastic.  A 10 second lag between the time 
> the DHCP daemon actually inserted the route and when it would be available 
> via olsr is completely acceptable.

Thats good. The cool thing here is that if the default route is removed 
by some system that detects that the cable is unplugged then the HNA 
entry would be removed as well.

>>>>I would say so. If mobility is low the control traffic emission
>>>>intervals could be set up(longer intervals). This greatly reduces
>>>>overhead - expecially for flooded traffic.
>>>I'll experiment with values and report on the best that I find.
>>That's good. I think this kind of real-life experiment would be much
>>appreciated by the MANET community.
> I have a lot riding on this working, and I owe a lot of it to the OSS 
> community, so any payback I can make...
> Thanks again for the work.  I'll look at the plugin code, but it's like a 
> monkey with a toaster:  most of its over my head.

If you don't need the plugin right now, but could wait a couple of 
weeks, I can see if I can find the time to write it.

- Andreas

Andreas Tønnesen((spam-protected))
UniK University Graduation Center
University of Oslo

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