[OLSR-users] Running two insances of olsr

Michael Bauer (spam-protected)
Sun Jun 20 19:01:25 CEST 2004

> Do you need the GUI front-end? If not, just disable the IPC connection
> in the configuration file.

Is there anywhere a good documentation for the config file, blame me to
ask two times a day for configuration things..

> I have never tried running two instances of olsr... I can imagine you
> might run into ather problems as well. Keep us updated :)

Of course i will.

> buggy so the output cannot be trusted. Use something like
> watch 'route -n'
> in a shell, to look at the kernel routes.

didn't compile the gui at all. ;) 

greetings mihi
a place without wlan just doesn't feel like home
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