[OLSR-users] Re: olsr status

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Sun Jun 6 22:59:22 CEST 2004

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your mail.

I am CCing this to the OLSR mailing list at olsr.org. There might
be subsribers running projects quite similar to yours.

aaron wrote:
> hi!
> first of all: i hope you will not find an employer soon :)) i am fearing
> of the great development of olsr :))) well, at least i hope you will still
> have some time for it when being employed.

Well, bad news, I've actually already got some offers ;-) But the good
news is that some of them involve continuing working on OLSR!
We'll see what happens - I really hope to be able to continue working
on MANET technology.

> ok, anyway. joke aside.
> Here in Vienna we are rolling out a wlan freenet based on linksys (and
> possibly soekris) boxes [ http://funke.lo-res.org ] and we are at the stage where
> we are just discovering olsr. Seems much better supported than AODV and
> more suitable to fixed MPR (antennas + linksys on the rooftop). So
> mobility ist not needed as much as AODV offers.
> Our FreeNet follows the ideas of consume.net and SeattleWireless.
> So much for background info.
> I wanted to ask you if you have any experiences on how well OLSR scales,
> (100 nodes seems to be the limit for AODV) and on how well your version of
> OLSR interacts with other implementations (lets say from nrl.navy.mil)
> ? Any experiences?

I'm leaving for Berlin and the "Wizards of Oz" conference 
(http://wizards-of-os.org/) this thursday. There we'll run
OLSR on a rather large test network. I don't know the details
yet - but it will definetly be the biggest real-life experiment
I've been part of. I'll report on the results.
BTW - check out the cool devices they are running OLSR on:

Other than that there are other projects like yours. Other
olsr-users subscribers might be able to give you some more

Regarding the compability with other implementations, olsrd should
work fine with the NRL implementation IFAIK. Implementations
need to be RFC3626(draft11) compliant to work with olsrd.

(also check out their project).

> On the other hand if you need some testing done on linksys we could surely
> help you out / send you some reports / i mean we will test it there :)

Sounds good :) Please post to the olsr-users list, as other people
might be interested as well!



Andreas T√łnnesen((spam-protected))
UniK University Graduation Center
University of Oslo

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