[OLSR-users] Re: a little feedback and questions

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Mon Jul 12 11:04:37 CEST 2004

Hi Aaron,

It's cool you're checking out OLSR for your rooftop project!

My comments are inline.

> what happens is that regularly whenever la17 sends out some bigger
> requests or receives something bigger than the 64 byte ping packet, the
> connection drops down to a few kB/s. With normal ping packets we would
> have theoretially a thruput of 2-11mbit (signal quality is very good!
> channel is set to 2 mbit).
> any ideas where this could come from? any knobs where we could turn at
> olsr or do you think we have a layer 2 problem?

I really don't know... I've seen some strange errors when using orinoco gold
cards - but nothing like this. As for the WRT other people on this list have
done a great deal more work with this hardware. Anybody got any ideas?

What if you set up static routes. Is the problem is still there?

> There seem to be two opinions here: 1) meshnetworking bandwidth will scale
> with O(1/n) where n is the number of nodes and 2) meshnetworking bandwidth
> will scale better than that :)
> question: are there any mathematical models for olsr? would somebody be
> interested in discussing models?

When talking about scalability concerning bandwidth I think the limitations
of OLSR could be shown through simulations. I have not done any work on
simulations, but there probably are a lot of papers out there  on the
subject(I'm on vacation writing this on a sloooow dial-up connected
box, so I didn't bother downloading any of the PDFs that a google search
showed ;-) )
If you are interested in a more theoretical discussion I suggest posting
the question on the MANET mailing-list.

Sorry if these answers are a bit short and unprecise - but as mentioned,
I'm on a vacation here...gotta go :-)


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