[OLSR-users] Re: [OLSR-announce] 0.4.5 released

Andreas Tønnesen (spam-protected)
Thu Jul 8 22:07:21 CEST 2004


Asymetric encrypton(combined with some key distribution scheme) would be 
an interesting feature. It is fully possible - and the solution is 
designed to be easy to extend. But security is not my main focus - 
actually, I doubt I will have time to work much on any extension now 
that I am finishing my master... So this will not be prioritized by me. 
The way I see it my main focus will be working on olsrd. I hope other 
people will create/maintain various plugins.

Perhaps somebody else would be interested in doing this?

- Andreas

Jens Nachtigall wrote:
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>>It includes:
>>* Security plugin
> Is there anything planned like asymmetric encryption? Symmetric
> encryption might be fair enough for »closed« networks. However, for
> wireless communities a gnupg style "web of trust" model with olsr
> messages signed by trusted nodes would be the best feasable IMHO.
> Best Regards and thanks for the new release,
> Jens
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