[OLSR-users] OLSR-0.4.5 and Bridging WDS Interfaces

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Mon Jul 5 13:21:06 CEST 2004

Hi Andreas
Well I want to make my wireless routers automatically mesh together when
they are running HostAP in infrastructure mode. The shell script in question
runs as a background process and it periodically scans for WDS link status
and will either add WDS links to bridge interface br0 or delete WDS links from
br0. The script will also do an ifconfig up or down on a  wlan0wds# link as required.
The br0 interface carries an IP address like  so all  wireless routers
are in the subnet.  I  tell OLSR to use the br0 interface only in the
conf file (no mention of wlan0wds# interfaces there). The script starts up before
olsr is started and it continues to run in the background as olsr runs.
So my goal is automatic meshing, rather than mobility (My wireless routers will not
move around). I saw some comments from you in the list archives that olsr might
not run happily on a bridged interface due to potential weirdness in assigning a 
socket to such an interface. I do not now what to expect from OLSR but assume
it should converge to a steady-state routing solution if the network and wireless
conditions are pretty stable ( I am mentally think it will be something like OSPF
as both are link-state routing protocols)
I appreciate that I may be setting up an unsupported config here, but I just wanted
your opinion on this. :)
Best regards
PS the olsr plugin idea is very cool :)

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	I don't know if I fully understand your setup. You
	are adding mobility by adding and removing links
	using a script? Or are these links just set up
	initially using this script?
	If the links are static OLSR should definelty provide
	stable routes. In that case, try 0.4.4 and see if it
	works better. If it does there probably is a bug in 0.4.5
	Please report back.
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	> Hi
	> I am new to using Unik-OLSR and have recently tried release 0.4.5.
	> I installed it on 5 wireless router nodes which use HostAP in infrastructure
	> mode. Since HostAP is running in infrastructure mode, WDS links are
	> formed dynamically which are added to or deleted from a bridge interface
	> br0 by a background shell script. I tried to to run OLSR on the br0 interfaces
	> using IP addresses in  1.x.y.z/8
	> I observed the routing table at a wireless router via
	> watch netstat -rn
	> All nodes seem to find each other but I did not see routing reach a stable state.
	> Routes to Nodes appeared in the routing table for a few seconds, then disappeared
	> and re-appeared some seconds later. It gave me the impression that routing never
	> converged to a steady state ?? Should I expect OLSR to converge to a steady state
	> routing table  for the network ? All 5 wireless routers were stationary, located within the same room and within radio range of each other.
	> Best Regards
	> Graeme Brown
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